The method at the begining is always the same, the only one : try to summ up the more informations you can about children whom parents you want a research. In the acts concerning the children, you have mention of their parents.


            Do you know, for instance :


-         The will of children ?

-         The marriage certificate of children ?

-         The burial certificate of parents ?

-         The birth certificate of the first child ? and of next children ?,

-         The marriage certificate of the first child ? and for next children ?,

-         Notarial records for parents ? for children?

-         Notarial records for family ? (oncle, nephew, …),

-         Ans so on, …


The first point is to gather the more information you can about the family you rechearch. From thoses informations I will tell you how we can go up in the research, if it is possible (or maybe not).


            When you exactly know which generation came from France, you must know a place of origine ; because in France we do research place by place. We have no general records concerning all a country, as they have, in the Canada, or in England. It is the reason why, to work in the archives of France, we absolutely need to know the name of a place.

 So the first step is to gather the more informations you can.

 I hope this survey gives you a geneal idea of my activities.

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